All devices presented below can be used to equip a modern feed plant, especially production, to prepare and store feed mixes. Proper organization and mechanization of work in a feed plant is necessary to obtain healthy and balanced feed, thus helping to achieve the best results in animal breeding.

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-->> H965/1 draw-lift Beat grinder
-->> MS-1000 bulk feed mixer
-->> POJ-PASZ Feed containers

The list of manufactured equipment for feed plants:

  • H965/1 beat grinder
  • Sucker for H965/1 beat grinder
  • PVC elastic pipe: f80mm
  • PVC elastic pipe: f100mm
  • Band clip for grinder pipes: f80mm
  • Band clip for grinder pipes : f100mm
  • Two-piece slotted sieve with slots: 1.2; 1.5; 2.0; 2.5; 3.0mm
  • Set of beaters for the H965/1 grinder
  • Slotted hamper for the grinder
  • MS-1000 Feed mixer for bulk feed
  • MS-1000 Filtering Bag for the mixer

Equipment for feed transport and storage:

  • POJ-PASZ feed container
  • POJ-PASZ feed container platform
  • UPS-78 spiral conveyor for transport of bulk feed
  • Conveyor driving head of 0.75 kW power
  • Inlet from the MS-1000 feed mixer
  • Driving head support
  • Conveyor terminal hub
  • Conveyor pipe fitting
  • Pipe with elbow for the conveyor