In order to protect agriculture machinery and equipment we designed

agricultural shelters type MULTI_10x12 and type MULTI_10x12 3.5 / 4.5 .


Set of  4 agricultural shelters type MULTI_10x12

The main construction of the shelter is made of steel type 18G2, while the pillars supporting the construction made of steel type R35.

Both shelters type MULTI_10x12 / 3.5 as well as the type MULTI_10x12 / 4.5 is made of the same components; the only difference is their height.

The height of shelter type MULTI_10x12 / 3,5 is 3,5 m, while shelter type MULTI_10x12 / 4,5  is 4,5 m high.

The height of the shelter is adjustable by spatial element fastened to the legs(bottom part) of the pillar.

The construction of shelters, consists of parts made of rectangular and square shaped pipes, angle bars and reinforcing bars . This kind material is used in order to make beams, joints, posts and traverses . Each truss of the roof is based on few pillars connected to the column made of round pipe based on the foundation plate. Each column is fixed to the foundation by 4 anchor bolts. .

The roof is covered by panels made of by zinc coated steel type T50 that is 0,6mm thick.

The screen panels on sides , back side panel and front panel made of painted steel sheets , 0,75mm thick. Connections made of zinc coated sheets of steel that are 2, 5mm thick and 1.5mm thick.

Main construction of the shelter is gray , the screens/ panels on sides are in silver colour .

Depending from the customer’s needs and request there is possibility to cover the walls of the shelter with zinc coated (galvanized) sheets of steel or any other material.

The construction of the shelter is based on sols / foots made of concrete . The foots are concrete block shape. Sols must be designed and made due to advices of the producer regarding shelters type MULTI. The project and the works execution must be done by allowed construction company due to construction principles connected with shelters valid on local market.

All construction principles concerning designing due to ground and water conditions on place must be kept, as well as the conditions concerning “zero level” for area on which the customer is going to mount the shelter. The producer point his full attention on the proper designing the shelter due to local constructions conditions in Poland but does not take any responsibility that the construction will be adjusted to detailed construction conditions and low regulations in other countries. Please ask your national dealer if the construction could be used in your location. Please always use the service of local construction company in order to adopt our product to local conditions.

Key indicators specific of
agricultural shelters type MULTI_10x12/3,5 and MULTI_10x12 / 4,5

Area covered by the shelter (gross area)

Pz =125,45 m2

Usable area (net area)

Pu = 125,26 m2

Cubic capacity of shelter type MULTI _10x12/3,5

K = 438,40 m3

Cubic capacity of shelter type MULTI_10x12/4,5

K = 563,70 m3

Length of shelters

L =12,0 m

Width of shelters

D =10,0 m

Usable height (net height) of shelter type MULTI_10x12/3,5

H=3,5 m

Usable height (net height) of shelter type MULTI_10x12/4,5








Location of the shelter

The building should be placed on fenced parcel in open area type A.

The construction is dedicated  to the following climatic zones in Poland:

I, II, III – wind zone,

I, II ,III – snow zone.


Geotechnical conditions:

-due to local conditions regarding ground and water characteristics with the help of local construction company.


The construction is easy to extend if it is necessary .

There is possibility to setup the shelters  on the pillars made of steel  pipes with diameter of 244,6/5mm.

It is possible to combine up to 4 basic units of shelter type MULTI_10x12/3,5 .

It is possible to combine up to 4 basic units of shelter type MULTI_10x12/4,5 .

If it necessary it is possible to connect both types of shelters in sets.

Please take a look on possible combinations of shelters type  MULTI_10x12/3,5 and  MULTI_10x12/4,5

WARIANT = means version / alternative


There is possibility to set together the shelters on the Customer’s request due to detailed technology and technical factors.

Option I - agricultural shelter together with dryer


Option II – set of  2 agricultural shelters type MULTI_10x12


Option III- set of 2 agricultural shelters type MULTI_10x12/4,5 with walls on sides

Option IV – set of 6 agricultural shelters type  MULTI_10x124,5 with additional walls on each side