Our company was founded thanks experience and hard work of Mr. Zygmunt Krzemiński, main shareholder, gained when running his own farm. Everything began in 1980 when eng. Zygmunt Krzemiński decided to solve the problem of grain storage at his farm by constructing flat bottom silos of galvanised iron. Two prototype silos with perforated floor were constructed at a pig farm in Jeziorno (Koneck commune) in the former włocławskie voivodeship.
After 10 years of experience with silos at his own farm, on 18 May 1990 Mr Zygmunt Krzemiński registered his company with the Koneck Commune Authorities as „Zakład Mechanizacji i Automatyzacji Rolnictwa "BIN". This way one of the most dynamically developing Polish producers of appliances for agriculture started its business activities.
In September 1990 three 60 tonnes silos, ordered by Spółdzielcze Gospodarstwo Rolne w Konecku (The Cooperative Farm in Koneck), were constructed and commissioned. In subsequent years new constructions as well as the organization itself were developed, and industrial production technologies were implemented, focusing on improvement of quality and quantity. Over 400 silos were produced. In October 1992 for the first time the Company presented the BIN silos to a wide public by taking part in POLGRA 1992. In 1993 a significant development of the company’s marketing department took place, which started to cooperate with “Ośrodki Doradztwa Rolniczego” (Agricultural Counselling Centres) and with the agricultural press and programmes on Polish TV and Radio to popularize silos as systems for grain protection and storage. In the same year the company’s production output exceeded 1000 units per year. In January 1994 ZMiAR "BIN" was awarded the Master of “AGROLIGA 93” distinction and the founder of BIN was awarded the “Agro businessman of 1993” distinction.
In May 1994, besides already available silos of capacity of 20, 28, 60 and 100 tonnes, the company started to produce two new types of silos of 10 tonnes capacity, designated for smaller farms. On 22nd 1994 the company was visited by Mr. Ryszard Smolarek – the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Agriculture. In October 1994 during the International Agriculture and Industry Fair in Poznań, the company received the people’s choice award “ HIT POLAGRA 94” and in 1995 was nominated to Polish Promotional Emblem “ TERAZ POLSKA” (“Poland:Now”). In the same year the we celebrated the 5th Anniversary of the company, which by that date had sold 5000 silos of total capacity of 300.000 tonnes. BIN also started to implement a grain protection system controlled by the “BIT” microprocessor controller. In 1995 for the first time BIN participated in a fair abroad, the International Fair ”POLEXPORT 95”.in Kowno, Lithuania.
The year 1996 was marked, amongst the others, by production of a new type of a silo of 250 tonnes capacity and receiving the “B” safety certificate for it. In May of that year, the Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering in Poznań granted the BIN silos the PIMR's "WYROB NA MEDAL" ("Medal Winning Product") award, confirming high operational quality of our products. Also in May we celebrated a commission of the ten thousandth BIN silo to the Polish agriculture and Mr. Jerzy Smolarek, Minister of Agriculture, presented the company with a congratulatory letter from Mr. Roman Jagielliński, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture. In August 1996 BIN took the first place at the agricultural machines presentation during the Jasna Góra’ harvest festival. On 31st December 1996 the silos sales reached 16,422 units.

In October 1997 Mr. Jacek Soska, the vice-minister, visited BIN and presented Mr. Zygmunt Krzemiński and distinguished employers with a honorary award "ZASŁUŻONY DLA ROLNICTWA" (“A Person of Merit For Agriculture”).

In subsequent years of BIN activities the company extended its product range and received more awards. In 1998 Mr. Zygmunt Krzemiński was awarded the „Złota Tarcza Agrobiznesmena” („The Gold Shield of Agro-businessman”), in 2000 BIN products were granted the "HIT 2000" award, and in 2001 "Przegląd Techniczny" confirmed the BIN achievements with the "Dzwignia 2001" (“Trade Lever 2001”) award.

Nowadays BIN is able to meet the requirements of the most exacting customers, and BIN’s silos became a regular feature of the countryside landscape, not only in Poland.

We produce low temperature drying silos of a capacity ranging from 10 to 5000 tonnes, together with necessary equipment.

To meet the requirements of pig producers we provide them with equipment for feed mixing.

Dear Farmers, it is you who have promoted our development! The trust you put in us obliges us to work continuously on improvement of the grain storage technology. We undertake to be your partner in your fight to achieve the best quality of your crops and proper remuneration for your daily toil.