Our silos are now used in the best Polish and European farms. It is due to the amazing energy and diligence, of farmers that huge improvement in grain storage conditions was achieved. From 1990 our company has been modernising agriculture together with you. We will continue to modernise it in the united Europe.

Machines and devices labeled with a unique BIN logo can be found at nearly every Polish farm. Our products are also exported to Denmark and central European countries and we develop sales in the eastern markets, particularly in Ukraine.


Could you, please, take a look on some locations where our products are used:


  1. Complete grain storage with the capacity of 6000 tons consisting of 6 silos type NBIN1001 in Trest (Czech Republic).

  2. Complete grain storage with the capacity of 1000 tons consisting of 4 silos type NBIN200WU  in MELNIKOWO (Russian Federation).

  3. Complete grain storage with the capacity of 9000  tons consisting of 6 silos type NBIN1500 in HLOBYNE (POLTAVA REGION on Ukraine).

  4. Complete grain storage with the capacity of 10 000 tons consisting of 10 silos type NBIN1001 in the company called “AGROHIM” (SEDUVA village in Lithuania).

  5. Complete grain storage with the capacity of 15 000 tons consisting of 10 silos type NBIN1500  village called LUGOY (Romania).

  6. A farm in BIDZINY, the mazowieckie voivodeship (Poland)- 4 silos with capacity of 500 tons each used for rape seed storage.

  7. Jan Hvida`s farm on Jutland in Denmark. 2 BIN 1000 silos used for grain storage.

  8. The compamy “Benus” in the wielkopolskie voivodeship (Poland), renowned producer of bread of the highest quality.

  9. Maciej Pietraszuk`s farm in ZACZOPKI, the lubelskie voivodeship (Poland), 3 BIN 1000 silos used for maize storage.

  10. BIN`s silos set in Makowiska, the kujawsko-pomorskie voivodeship (Poland). 6 silos of a capacity of 250 tons each and 2 of 500 tons each used for maize storage.

  11. Farm owned by “AGRIPOL” Sp. Z o. o. in Cielęta, the kujawsko-pomorskie voivodeship (Poland). A set of silos of a capacity  4 x 200 tons used for grain and rape seed storage.

  12. Mirosław Kowalski`s farm in Sadłowo, the kujawsko-pomorskie voivodeship (Poland). BIN equipment for feed mixing ensures cost reduction of feed for animals.

  13. A farm owned by “Agro-Efekt Sp. z o. o” in Mnichowice, the wielkopolskie voivodeship (Poland). 4 silos of 500 tonnes capcity each ensure good quality of maize stored at the farm.

  14. A farm owned by Modex Oil in Klewo, the kujawsko-pomorskie voivodeship (Poland). 2 silos for grain storage of a capacity of 1000 tonnes.

  15. Complete grain storage with the capacity of 4 500 tons consisting of 3 silos type NBIN1500 in PELPLIN, pomorskie voivodeship (Poland).


Until 1997 in the company BIN Ltd. a map of Poland was hanging, on which the sales department staff marked new locations of “BIN” silos.

We had to stop this after a while. It is not surprising, because there is so many BIN customers that there is not enough space on the map to mark them all.

Nowadays  our silos can be found in each Polish voivodeship (region), in nearly every commune and village.

To this day we have sold 50,000 silos in Poland and other European countries of a total capacity exceeding 4 mln tons.

Dear Farmer and food producer! Your neighbor will tell you whether is it worth to buy the BIN silo. Ask, see yourself, buy our silo and save your money. Those who trusted us, have already obtained measureable benefits . You can join them, simply call dealer in your country or our sales department and order a silo or any other BIN product. We will take care about the rest.